WHEN: Launches NOV 2nd 2020

TIME: Anytime!

WHERE: This is both a virtual and in-studio offering

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Resolve To Evolve

"Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future." ~ Deepak Chopra



Create a new personal paradigm and give yourself 30 days to reset, re-align and re-inspire. Let’s not remember 2020 as the year that kept us down, but instead let it be the year that propelled us into inspired action! The year that challenged you to the core that you could no longer deny the deep call to rise stronger and come back into flow with what is important to you πŸ”₯✨


RESOLVE TO EVOLVE is all about cultivating flow, empowering your body and creating clarity on every level.


Through the practice of daily yoga, meditation and journaling, plus nutritional support, we create a self-focus to simply tune you into β€˜you’. Go beyond the physical asana practice and learn about ancient yogic philosophy, how it can be applied to your life today for sustained fulfilment and inspiration.


A chance to be a pioneer of your own future, awaken a heightened sense of awareness and spark inspired self-transformation.


After 30 days your MIND WILL BE PEACEFUL AND BODY POWERFUL. Immerse yourself, deepen your practice and along the way, connect to a like-minded community that believe in the power of conscious living.





  • Daily yoga practice (IN-STUDIO or LIVE STREAM)

  • Daily meditation practice

  • Nutritional support to bring harmony back

  • Daily journaling

  • Learn traditional Yoga Philosophy

  • Weekly support emails 

  • Access to our exclusive Resolve To Evolve Online Portal




  • Weekly posture lab videos

  • Weekly guided meditations

  • Weekly exploration into yogic philosophy and how to apply these principals to your life today

  • 1 x Virtual Masterclass >>> Massage + Mend (Yin Yoga w Myofascial Release)




The gift of a VIRTUAL OFFERING means there's flexibility in how you participate! Each week we will upload exclusive videos that will support you on your journey. To give you a hint, these videos will contain all sorts of juicy and informative insights on all things postures, philosophy, meditation, and nutrition.


WHERE you get on your yoga mat and practice is entirely up to you! You can enjoy the entire challenge from the comfort of your own home and choose LIVE STREAM 


You can practice your classes IN-STUDIO. 


See pricing options below:

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