TIME: 6 - 730PM


Cancellation Policy - There is no refund or credit for cancellations within 48 hours of commencement.

W O M E N' S


New Moon

When we gather as women together in circle we join awareness, we multiply the energy and the intention created- to release, to let go and to manifest new potential for ourselves. We unite to build strength through a safe space where we can be held in our vulnerabilities and shine in our true brightness. 

A night to sit in the darkness of the new moon. The new moon has no illumination, it is not visible representing the beginning- new birth. The new moon time is a time to plant seeds, to set intentions for what you wish to grow. The new moon is the ideal time to manifest new beginnings and focus on bringing in qualities into our reality that we deserve- this is spiritual intention. When we create new moon rituals we work with the law of attraction and integrate new moon energy to give us clear goals and directions, fuel-ing and maximising our manifestation power.


Sam will take you through a sacred asana-based practice tapping into the Libra energy of this new moon. You will harness this energy to move through exercises that bring a state of clarity and calmness. Working together, you will be guided through how to create your own new moon ceremonies so you can draw on this powerful Luna energy each month.


Be ready to float out of this evening with a state of balance, lightness and inner peace.