WHEN: Sunday May 24th

TIME: 400 - 530pm

COST: $22

This will be a virtual experience. Please download Zoom to participate. A link will be emailed to you 20mins before commencement.

Cancellation Policy - There is no refund or credit for cancellations within 48 hours of commencement.

T A N T R I C  H A T H A


A Moon Practice w Ellen Arthur

The gifts of these current circumstances is that your address is no barrier! We are so very excited to welcome the gorgeous Ellen back to KAI YOGA with the most divine offering she will share with us from balmy Bali.


We use the body to access the breath and the breath to access the mind. Please join me for a practice specifically designed to create more physical and mental stability and ease. Using the tools of a quintessential moon practice, which include forward folds, twists, longer held poses to induce steadiness, as well as extending the length of exhalations. 


Moon practices are the foundation of all Tantric Hatha practices. They create a steady container for the mind, so that we can recognise that we are not our thoughts or the chaos of the world that surrounds us. inherently we are full of peace, stillness and ease, but our busy and fast paced lives often blur that aspect of ourselves.


Through practice we remember that aspect of Self that exists beyond the mind, which you can refer to as Purusha, source, consciousness, the all knowing field of reality. 


Can’t wait to practice with you all, 

Elle x