TIME: 1230 - 3PM

COST: $57 (10% disc for members)

Cancellation Policy - There is no refund or credit for cancellations within 48 hours of commencement.



with Keenan Crisp

Dharana - the inner path, a 2.5 hour Workshop involving theory, vinyasa flow and meditation.


During this workshop you will be taught how to experience a single point of focus, whilst participating in a yang (dynamic) flowing vinyasa class effectively learning to meditate in motion. We will also discuss and practice static concentration and meditation techniques to make the mind single pointed.

You will leave with a better understanding of Raja Yoga and more inspiration to practice it! You will also feel for yourself the experience of joy, lightness and ease that comes with a focused and disciplined practice!

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IFor over 17 years Keenan has worked tirelessly to expound the teachings of yoga in a modern and accessible way. He has run many workshops teaching philosophy, physiology and yoga psychology. He has facilitated world class yoga retreats and teacher trainings and has instructed thousands of yoga asana (posture) classes as a master facilitator within Power Living Australia. 

Keenan encourages everyone to inquire into their true nature, to serve selflessly, to live consciously, love intentionally and to perform positive daily rituals to improve all of the arenas of their life, so as to experience a better life connection.