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Your address is no obstacle! This LIVE STREAM INTRO PASS is a great option to give you the time to get to know us virtually! For those new to yoga or new to our community, enjoy 3 whole weeks to taste and squeeze in as many LIVE STREAM classes as you can! This is valid for first time students only.  Not valid for in-studio classes.


We have an array of awesome LIVE STREAM classes to choose from. Enjoy any of our standard LIVE STREAM classes scheduled on our timetable. This pass is valid for a single class. To join, make sure you have Zoom. Once you sign into class, we will email you a link. Not valid for in-studio classes.


The best option if you are practicing twice a week or more. For the committed yogi who wants to enjoy the goodness of yoga regularly in the comfort of their own home!

This pass gives you unlimited access to our exclusive member's only ON DEMAND Library.

On Demand Only Direct Debit is charged monthly. No contract, no lock ins. 1 weeks written notice for cancellations.



1. Our live online booking system allows you the convenience to plan your schedule in advance and reserve a mat space for any class you would like! However, due to smaller class capacity, mat space is limited. At KAI YOGA we do have a firm 2-hour cancellation policy for all classes. This is a courtesy policy to ensure everyone has a chance to practice! We understand that on occasion unexpected circumstances arise. We ask that you do your best to sign your self out of the class to be fair and courteous to all of your fellow yogi's. Late cancellations for all direct-debit, monthly, annual and Intro pass members will incur an additional $5 fee for the missed class. All other students will incur a lost session.

2. Our Special Introductory Pass is a one-time only offer for new students and can not be extended.

3. All of our passes are non-transferable and non-refundable. Please make sure you check the expiration date when purchasing your pass.

4. 5 week, 10 week and 1 month passes can not be extended, unless you are injured and a doctors certificate can be provided.

5. For our 6 and 12 month memberships we require a one-week written notice. The minimum period for suspension is one week. The maximum period is 2 weeks for 6 month memberships and 4 weeks for 12 month memberships.

6. Direct Debit Memberships involve fortnightly deductions from a nominated credit card or bank account. There is a 3 month minimum sign up period. For suspensions and terminations, we require a two-week written notice prior to your next billing date. Suspensions are possible in two week blocks to stay in sync with your fortnightly debits and maximum period of suspension is one month per year.

7. We wish for you to get the most out of your KAI YOGA experience as possible and we know your time is precious, this means we start all of our classes on time. Out of respect for your fellow students and teacher, please arrive at least 5 minutes before your class begins - this will allow you to ease yourself onto your yoga mat and enjoy some deep breaths before you begin :)

We do lock our gate at the base of the stairs for security. If you find the gate locked on your arrival, it means there is a yoga class in progress.

By booking into a class you automatically agree to the above Terms & Conditions.

Please review the terms and conditions. We know it's a lot of information at once! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions,

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