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TIME: 4 - 530PM

COST: $59

Cancellation Policy - There is no refund or credit for cancellations within 48 hours of commencement.

T U N I N G  I N T O


Yin Yoga + Live Violin   |   A Collaboration w YogaPlay

As we move, we listen to music differently, absorb it more fully, feel it more deeply.


Via the potent practice of Yin Yoga, accompanied with the sweet melody of Violin, we will explore the relationship between movement + music, artist + audience.


This promises to be no ordinary Yin Yoga session, but rather an expressive Yin Yoga journey artfully guided by Fraser, and intricately woven together by the live soundscapes of the extraordinary, Maddy Boud (creator of YogaPlay and violinist).


This magical collaboration with YogaPlay aims to break down the invisible wall between audience and performer with medicinal movement and sacred music. What can be static becomes a dynamic interplay between the two.


The invisible wall between performer and audience is done away with, creating one collective consciousness.

* This is an intimate IN-PERSON, IN-STUDIO offering for 12 yogi's only