Whether you are compelled to deepen your personal practice, seek further understanding of yogic philosophy and its origins or have a deep urge to share the gifts of yoga to help others grow, KAI YOGA'S 200 Hour Teacher Training will support you in your quest.

There is a huge shift of consciousness happening within and around us, it's palpable! It's undeniable that the yoga movement is expanding. More and more people are turning to this ancient practice for healing and inspiration, which is the very reason why we need more epic and courageous humans (like you!) to help nurture and guide this process with heart and integrity.


Join Elisha, Fraser and guest senior facilitators from a range of lineages, to dive deep into the ever-expanding spectrum of what is Yoga and what does it take to teach Yoga effectively to others. For years, the team from KAI YOGA have dedicated their lives to helping others transform theirs. It is Elisha and Fraser's highest intention to develop teacher's of the highest standard and empower them to do the same - to awaken to their personal power, to honour their own shadows and to share their unique story wholeheartedly.

This training truly is a transformational journey of self discovery. You will gain knowledge, experience and understanding that will not only inspire your practice, but give you great confidence to teach. Involved will be a thorough exploration of yoga, anatomy, physiology, pranayama & philosophy. Elisha and Fraser have a natural gift for explaining the traditional in a way that is not over whelming. However, the program is not only theory, it is very much experiential and practical. There will be ample time dedicated to active practice teaching, giving you the time and tools to find your voice and learn 'how' to teach - this is an invaluable part of the training and is the most impactful aspect to both personal and professional development. This training is perfect for anyone wishing to bridge the gap between being a student and becoming an impressionable, powerful teacher. 


This course is a registered 200 hour Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Training Program, delivered part time. It has been specifically designed to suit those with family commitments, full time work obligations or have other commitments during the week as training days will be allocated Friday afternoons - Sunday afternoons, with a 3 day residential retreat. 

KAI YOGA is a boutique studio that blossomed out of Fraser and Elisha's craving to connect with community, without compromising quality. They believe quality is more important than quantity for authentic connections and true growth. To stay aligned with this philosophy, trainings will be held within an intimate setting so all trainees receive abundant personalised attention.


Friday MAR 6th 4-9pm

Saturday MAR 7th & Sunday 8th 7am-5pm

Friday MAR 13th 4-9pm

Saturday MAR 14th & Sunday 15th 7am-5pm

Friday MAR 20th 4-9pm

Saturday MAR 21st & Sunday 22nd 7am-5pm

Weekend Off - MAR 28th-29th

Friday APR 3rd 4-9pm

Saturday APR 4th & Sunday APR 5th 7am-5pm

Weekend Off - APR 11th-12th + APR 18th-19th (school holidays)


Friday APR 24th 4-9pm

Saturday APR 25th & Sunday APR 26th 7am-5pm 


Friday MAY 1st 3pm start

Saturday MAY 2nd & Sunday MAY 3rd 4pm retreat complete

Weekend Off - MAY 9th-10th

Friday MAY 15th 4-9pm

Saturday MAY 16th & Sunday MAY 17th 7am-5pm

Friday MAY 22nd 4-9pm

Saturday MAY 23rd & Sunday MAY 24th 7am-5pm

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