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WHEN: Saturday May 13th

TIME: 2 - 5pm

COST: $69 (members 10% disc)

WHERE: Mosman Studio

Cancellation Policy - There is no refund or credit for cancellations within 48 hours of commencement.


As Autumn sets in and the leaves fall, we find ourselves deep in the process of transition and letting go.


Letting go to surrender to inevitable change

Letting go to embrace the magic and mystery of the unknown

Letting go to flow with balance, ease and greater perspective


In support of the divine feminine through this Autumn process, we invite the women in our tribe to join us in a healing circle.


During this three hour experience you will receive an energy clearing, be guided on a shamanic drumming journey, receive an intention activated sound healing and witness your fellow journey makers in the tribal tradition of the sacred circle.


The medicine in this offering creates:

A space to connect in community with other women;

A space to connect with sacred ceremony;

A space for healing and rejuvenation;

A space for reflection and growth.

Guided by fellow KAI YOGA community member, Kathryn Sforcina (shamanic practitioner and sound healer), from The Journey Within & Transforming Tribes.


*Organic rose tea, some fruit and vegan treaties will be put on once we close the circle, so please feel free to stay a little longer to enjoy the community vibe :)


**Given the personalised nature of this experience we can only take as many bookings as the capacity in our larger room so reserve your space today so you don't miss out!


***please bring your divine, beautiful self, your yoga mat and a light blanket/pillow/socks (optional) as it is common for your body temperature to drop during these processes.


Be ready to float out of the evening with a state of balance, lightness and inner peace. 

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