WHEN: Saturday July 30th

TIME: 330 - 530pm

COST: $29 incl yoga class + 1 beer


Cancellation Policy - There is no refund or credit for cancellations within 48 hours of commencement.

B R O  F L O W

Word on the street is that some men get slightly uncomfortable in a yoga class full of bendy women in lycra... Ok blokes, we hear you, so now its your turn to get bendy with your "Bro"!


We reckon Modern yoga is all about balance - balancing the old with the new, adapting the good vibes and ancient philosophy of yoga so that it supports how we live our lives today. Yoga doesn't have to be rigid and full of rules. Instead, we've fallen in love with this practice for the way it brings peeps together, for how good it makes us feel on the inside and how it makes us glow on the outside.

Come hang out with Fraser and the lads for an afternoon of yoga and bloke-ing around. No more getting intimidated by a mostly female yoga class! This one is for the lads! We'll drop into a smooth yoga flow specifically designed for a blokes body. It'll be both strong and stretchy, and seriously vibing, so that you feel the power of building a supple body and a calm mind, with a like-minded community.

From the flow we'll move to the froth! Well naturally right? All that hard work deserves a coldie! After class enjoy some banter over the beers. As the modern yogi says, life is all about balance!

Some reasons why you should get bendy with ya Bro's:

1. You can reduce the pain in your entire body, including those tight spots in your lower back, shoulders and neck.

2. You can get more bendy and enjoy way less clunky movement. Ie. less 'Bull in a China shop' situations.

3. You can chew on some yoga philosophy without the fluff and learn how to use it to align your own life.

4. Even if for just a couple of hours, you can loosen the cray cray, clear your mind and step away from your busy.

5. Hang out with some like-minded dudes and enjoy a beer