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O N  D E M A N D  L I B R A R Y


Welcome to your KAI YOGA On Demand Library! A library for all our members to enjoy, full to the brim with yoga inspiration to feed any yogi-appetite. Enjoy yoga tutorials, guided meditations plus a variety of class styles and durations so that we can support you to get on your trusty yoga mat and elevate your personal practice.

Enjoy the smorgasbord of incredible yoga classes delivered with absolute passion by all of your favourite KAI YOGA teachers!



Flow & Glow

Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic class where mindful movement and rhythmic breathing come together to create a flowing, glowing and energising yoga practise.  The blend between strength and flexibility is perfectly balanced so that your body, mind & spirit find harmony.



Refine & Align

Our Vinyasa Slow classes maintain an element of flow but the tempo is slowed down so that movement can be refined and aligned.  It is a practise designed to build strength and stamina for both the body and the mind.  



Foundations to flight

Vinyasa Base is a fundamental introduction to Yoga that will set you off in the right direction!  Beginning from the base, you will be gently taken through the foundations of the practise - posture, breathing, meditation.  Preparing you in a way that you feel confident to explore other classes.  



Nourish & Flourish

Vinyasa Gentle classes are all about nourishment and gentle movement. Movement is low impact and safe, with a primary goal of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and wellbeing. These classes will involve breath work (Pranayama), core stabilisation techniques and a therapeutic approach in moving the body and calming the mind.



Be still & feel


Yin Yoga classes offer us a chance to balance the Yang nature of our lifestyles.  This practise is slower, grounding and meditative in nature.  Postures are held for longer periods of time to connect to deeper, more subtle layers of the body.  With the support of bolsters, blankets and blocks, deep inner tensions that live in the connective tissue can be released.



Firm & Focus

Vinyasa Sculpt is a fusion of your favourite Vinyasa Flow practice with mindful resistance exercises to strengthen your whole system. The addition of light hand weights add a new challenge to traditional yoga classes. 



Work Out to Work In

Power Pilates is a full body work out combining a blend of floor and standing Pilates exercises. But do not fret, this is no sleepy pilates class! Expect to experience a fun and challenging workout with a mix of stability and mobility training. Every class will have a strong focus on core control, using isolation work, strength specific conditioning and stability techniques.



Break down to break through

With the dynamic nature of Vinyasa Flow classes it can be difficult to catch those key alignment points and integrate them into your personal practice. These short videos contain bite-size pieces of wisdom to help take the guess work out of your practice! The poses are broken down in easy-to-digest language so that you gain an understanding of the fundamentals.



Prioritise Your Calm

Consider this your online sanctuary to cultivate steadiness, stillness and calm. A platform dedicated to tending to the inner realms of our being, sifting through the busyness and letting go of what no longer belongs in order for us to come home to ourselves. You will find an array of guided meditations and breath work exercises to will help create the peace you are seeking.

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