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Flow & Glow

Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic class where mindful movement and rhythmic breathing come together to create a flowing, glowing and energising yoga practise.  The blend between strength and flexibility is perfectly balanced so that your body, mind & spirit find harmony.  


Temperature set to a warm heat to give you a glow, promoting the warmth of your muscles and the detoxification process. 

It is energising, powerful and peaceful all blended into the one class.

LEVEL GUIDE: Dynamic + strong



Refine & Align

Our Vinyasa Slow classes maintain an element of flow but the tempo is slowed down so that movement can be refined and aligned.  It is a practise designed to build strength and stamina for both the body and the mind.  Through progressive sequencing that builds on a key alignment focus, or gradually builds towards a peak pose, those who are new to yoga will be educated on alignment, whilst at the same time, more experienced practitioners will appreciate the refinement and detail at a slower pace.

Cultivate your own inner heat by working mindfully through your practice within a room temperature environment.

LEVEL GUIDE: Slow + strong



Foundations to flight

Vinyasa Base is a gentle introduction to Yoga that will set you off in the right direction!  You are only ever a beginner at something once, so at KAI YOGA we honour those first steps into a practise that can be life long.  Beginning from the base, you will be gently taken through the foundations of the practise - posture, breathing, meditation.  Preparing you in a way that you feel confident to explore other classes.  


Vinyasa Base classes are gently warmed to help warm up your body, cleanse and also prepare you for the heat of the open level classes.

You will feel the powerful effects of Yoga after your first class!  A stronger, more flexible body and a resiliance in the mind.

LEVEL GUIDE: Mild + beginner friendly



Nourish & Flourish

Vinyasa Gentle classes are all about nourishment and gentle movement. Movement is low impact and safe, with a primary goal of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and wellbeing. These classes will involve breath work (Pranayama), core stabilisation techniques and a therapeutic approach in moving the body and calming the mind.

Vinyasa Gentle is practiced at room temperature. Perfect for pre and post-natal yogini's, beginner's and senior's.

LEVEL GUIDE: Mild + beginner friendly



Be still & feel


Yin Yoga classes offer us a chance to balance the Yang nature of our lifestyles.  This is a practise that is slower, grounding and meditative in it's nature.  Postures are held for longer periods of time to connect to deeper, more subtle layers of the body.  With the support of bolsters, blankets and blocks, deep inner tensions that live in the connective tissue can be released.  This also taps us into the Meridian System of the body, drawing upon Traditional Chinese Medicine, Zen and Buddhist philosophies.

Yin Yoga is practised at room temperature.  All levels can benefit from this style of Yoga as it serves to be a wonderful balance to any Yang practise.

LEVEL GUIDE: Mild + beginner friendly



Work Out to Work In

Power Pilates is a full body work out combining a blend of floor and standing Pilates exercises. But do not fret, this is no sleepy pilates class! Expect to experience a fun and challenging workout with a mix of toning and lengthening, stability and mobility training, all to the beat of some uplifting tunes. Every class will have a strong focus on core control, using isolation work, strength specific conditioning and stability techniques.


A gentle heat will be on to help inject the 'power' into your pilates! This class is suitable all levels of ability with modifications provided as needed.

LEVEL GUIDE: Dynamic + strong



Firm & Focus

Vinyasa Sculpt is a fusion of your favourite Vinyasa Flow practice with mindful resistance exercises to strengthen your whole system. The addition of light hand weights add a new challenge to traditional yoga classes. Incorporating resistance training into your Vinyasa Flow will illuminate and transform your practice to another level! When you feel stronger in your body, you feel more confident in your postures and more peaceful in your mind.

Is Vinyasa Sculpt Beginner friendly?

We'd suggest you have a handful of Vinyasa Flow or Vinyasa Slow classes under your belt before you try your first Vinyasa Sculpt class. This will give you a chance to familiarise yourself with some of the traditional yoga postures and the importance of the breath. When you feel like 'I've got this!' in a Vinyasa Flow/Slow class, then you're ready to up the anti! 

Reformer Pilates_edited.jpg


Tone & Refine 

An open level Pilates reformer class is a dynamic and inclusive session designed to cater to participants of varying skill levels, from beginners to seasoned practitioners. The practice is on a bed-like frame that uses different weighted spring combinations to create resistance when we move the carriage back and forth. Conducted with reformer machines, this class typically blends controlled movements, breath work, and resistance training to enhance core strength, flexibility, and overall body conditioning. Led by a knowledgeable instructor, the class focuses on precise alignment and fluid transitions through a series of exercises that target different muscle groups. Participants are encouraged to work at their own pace, with modifications and advancements offered to accommodate individual abilities, ensuring a challenging yet accessible experience for all.

LEVEL GUIDE: Dynamic, beginner friendly



Form & Foundations

Reformer Pilates Base classes are beginner-friendly classes, suitable for both pre and postnatal students. The foundations will be explained and handy instructions will be given on how to use the reformer machine with confidence. This class focuses on gentle, controlled movements that promote strength, flexibility, and stability while respecting the unique needs and limitations of pregnant and postpartum bodies. Throughout the class, the instructor emphasises mindfulness, proper alignment, and listening to the body's cues.

LEVEL GUIDE: Mild and beginner friendly



Soulful & Spicy

Our Reformer Jump classes are spicy, invigorating and fun!  They are a specialised type of Pilates workout that incorporates the use of a specific jump platform attached to the end of your reformer machine. Jump classes are a great way to add a little cardio to your Reformer practice without the pressure on your joints. This heart pumper class will give you a full body workout, build coordination, strengthen your core and improve cardiovascular health. There will be sweat and spice, with a huge dose of soul!

LEVEL GUIDE: Dynamic, intermediate level

Mat pilates
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