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WHEN: Saturday March 23rd

TIME: 3 - 5pm

COST: $55

WHERE: KAI South - Yoga Studio

Cancellation Policy - There is no refund or credit for cancellations within 48 hours of commencement.



Do you freeze in the face of 'Bakasana' (Crow Pose) when offered during class?

Unsure of how to position your hands? Where to place your legs? What's the optimal alignment? 


Venturing into arm balances can be intimidating, which is why in this workshop we'll break it down to the foundations and prepare you for flight.


Arm balances are great teachers. They are undeniably physically challenging, but are also challenging in their ambiguity - you are not quite sure of the outcome when your feet lift off the floor! Build trust and awareness in your body to float fearlessly off the ground.

Exploration and experimentation are key elements to a vibrant and playful practice. In this workshop we will break down the mechanics of specific arm balances and playfully explore the fundamental components to help you balance on your hands with confidence. We will cover body alignment, core stability, shoulder strength and mobility, balance, wrist health and understanding how to fall.

Wherever you are in your arm balance journey, this workshop is an opportunity for you to play on the edges of your comfort zone and leave with the tools to safely integrate inversions into your daily practice

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