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There is a whole world that exists outside of physical prosperity and on occasion we will find ourselves in the muddy waters of Injury. Navigating this world can be challenging but understanding and knowledge will be two tools that you will serve you well on this journey of healing and connection.

Dependent on the injury sustained and your stage of recovery, will determine what you can and cannot do. This needn’t arouse disappointment as you will observe the dimensions of your practise expand. It may require simple modification to your Vinyasa practise or if movement is off the cards, having a chat to one of the studios Yin teachers may allow you to still be present and supported as you work on opening and understanding the deeper layers of the body. At Kai we also have a beautiful bonus class on Thursday evenings with Sam, aptly named Massage & Mend. Simply put you will spend an hour delighting in self massage and learning from a teacher with a deep knowledge of anatomy.

Whilst on this journey of re-connection it is important to reach out for support. We are blessed in Sydney with a variety of modalities to aid physical injury. Call upon the community at Kai for any favourable mentions of support. It is always helpful to touch base with your teacher when practising injured, it will allow them to offer modifications, suggestions and even just someone to chat too when things are little rocky.

Emotions during periods of injury may be unsettled- pain can be heavy burden but it can also move you towards a deeper connection with your body. Acknowledging the aches within is just a little call from your inner world for rest and reconnection. Spending time in quiet meditation breathing your body back to life will aid your healing. Spending time in around sources of joy will also shift energy in spaces that require a little love.


Jessie-Anne xx

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