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WHEN: Monday July 19th

COST: $35

Cancellation Policy - There is no refund or credit for cancellations within 48 hours of commencement.

2 Week V I R T U A L Challenge

Vinyasa Sculpt is a fusion of your favourite Vinyasa Flow practice with mindful resistance exercises to strengthen your whole system. The addition of light hand weights add a new challenge to traditional yoga classes. Incorporating resistance training into your Vinyasa Flow will illuminate and transform your practice to another level! When you feel stronger in your body, you feel more confident in your postures and more peaceful in your mind.

What to expect?

The first series of Vinyasa Sculpt classes have been curated in a very mindful and thoughtful way. Each class includes a warm up to prepare the body, followed by a steady progression towards some creative yoga sequences incorporating your hand weights. We honour our practice by cooling down and sealing in all the goodness with the sweetness of Savasana.

Is Vinyasa Sculpt Beginner friendly?

We'd suggest you have a handful of Vinyasa Flow or Vinyasa Slow classes under your belt before you try your first Vinyasa Sculpt class. This will give you a chance to familiarise yourself with some of the traditional yoga postures and the importance of the breath. When you feel like 'I've got this!' in a Vinyasa Flow/Slow class, then you're ready to up the anti! :)

Are you ready for a Challenge?!

Practice 7 Vinyasa Sculpt classes over 2 weeks and experience the transformation. We will release a new Vinyasa Sculpt class every second day over 14 days. If you complete the 7 classes you could be in the running to win a 3 month KAI YOGA membership

Challenge kicks off MONDAY JULY 19TH!

What do i need to do to be in the running for the prizes?

  • Sign up by clicking the BOOK HERE button

  • Find yourself some light hand weights (we suggest 1- 2kg) and of course, your trusty yoga mat

  • You'll find an email with the password to access your first class in your inbox by Sunday evening July 18th

  • You can practice these classes at any time of the day that suits you (the video will be available for 48hrs), you just need to carve out 45mins in your day, move the furniture to make space for your yoga mat and press play!

  • After you have completed your class, take a photo of your fabulous, sweaty self. Post it on Instragram and tag @kai_yoga_mosman OR @kai_yoga_south + #kaiyogastrong OR email us your happy snap at

  • We'll let you have a day of rest and then send you the link for the next class the evening before.

Winner will be announced at the end of your 2 week challenge. Good luck! Now it's time to tune in and tone up!

I love the sound of Sculpt, but I'm not a challenge kinda yogi?

We totally get you and we're all for sculpting for the love instead of a goal!

You can still sign up and we will post the links into your inbox every 2nd day for the 2 weeks.

Plus we'll share the entire series of Vinyasa Sculpt classes on our On Demand Library the week after the challenge is complete. Our On Demand library is available to all KAI YOGA members.

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