MAITRI is sanskrit for friendliness, connection and compassion. It can also describe the mental union that takes place when people who are on the same wavelength come together.

40HR Yin Yoga Teacher Training w

Myofascial Release

Yoga Alliance | Part Time

Life gives us so very many chances to grow, learn and ultimately practice! Due to the current global circumstances, we have decided to adapt! Our Yin Yoga Teacher Training will now be an incredible immersion offered to you LIVE online! This is an opportunity to continue deepening your learning and participate from the privacy of your own home. Spread over 2 long-weekends, we will live stream the sessions in person so that transmission of knowledge continues to be thorough, powerful and personal. Continue reading for more details!

A thorough and thoughtful training to learn and embody the foundations of Yin Yoga and all the layers of wisdom this unique style of yoga practice encompasses.


Yin and Yang are the Taoist concepts which describe the two relative qualities present in everything. In relation to yoga, the style of Yin represents the other side of the coin. It is a slower practice where postures are passively held for long periods of time, to channel deeper and more dense layers of the body - namely the connective tissues and joints. With a strong focus on Traditional Chinese Medicine, this training will explore the system of Meridians and how we can utilise this unique system to better understand our constitution and bring healing on all levels; physical, energetic, emotional and mental. This will be further enhanced with an introduction to Myofascial Release techniques.

Be ready for a transformative journey of the self that is not only theory, but very much experimental and practical. It will be deeply immersive. The training will be led by KAI YOGA's founder's, Fraser Guthrie & Elisha Young, together with Acupuncturist and Yoga teacher, Emma Burridge. Together, this highly skilled and experienced trio are dedicated to bringing you a training that will heal your body and expand your heart. 


- What is Yin Yoga and why it is so relevant today

- 5 Element Theory

- Meridian pathways

- The Yin and Yang theory

- Anatomy, focusing on Yin tissue

- Pranayama, meditation and mindfulness

- Specific Yin Yoga postures, modifications and use of props 

- Myofascial Release techniques

- Sequencing and theming

Set over 2 long weekends, this 40 Hour teacher training is such a great way to immerse yourself into the learnings, without having to commit yourself for a prolonged period of time. Deliberately designed for busy people so you can still participate without disturbing your work and/or family life balance. This training is open to teacher's who have a 200hr yoga teaching qualification, and we also welcome dedicated students who wish to deepen their knowledge and practice of Yin yoga. This training qualifies for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education contact hours. All participants will receive a certificate of completion upon completing the training.

* If you are not in the same time zone, we got you covered! The recordings will be available to you for 6 weeks after the completion of the training.

If you are participating from abroad, your tuition fee includes one live-stream chat with one of our facilitators to support you during your learnings.

COURSE DATES - Oct 16th-18th + Oct 23rd-25th 2020

Friday 4-8pm + Saturday - Sunday 930am - 330pm



Full Price $890

Early Bird $590 ($300 discount when paid in full before Sept 16th)

* To secure your space a $300 non refundable deposit is required

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