April 2022 | Yoga Alliance | Part Time | Hybrid

What is a hybrid training?  Hybrid training is a combination of online and in-person training.  Designed to fit even the busiest yogi.


With the events of the past year, it has been a pivotal time of drastic change and humble reflection. Each of us have been called upon to dig deep, adapt, evolve and work with the difficulties through the filter of grace. Yet within the turmoil is refuge in the practice of yoga. Now has never been a more important time to put theory into practice.


We are delighted to be able to adapt our 200hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training to a hybrid format that we are soooooo incredibly proud of! In the creation of this not-so-wee chestnut, we have thoughtfully considered all avenues so that the transmission of knowledge continues to be thorough, powerful and most importantly, personal.


Whether you are compelled to deepen your personal practice, seek further understanding of yogic philosophy and its origins or have a deep urge to share the gifts of yoga to help others grow, KAI YOGA'S 200 Hour Teacher Training will support you in your quest and can now be completed partly in the comfort of your own home!


Join Elisha, Fraser and some seriously legendary guest senior facilitators from a range of lineages, to dive deep into the ever-expanding spectrum of what is Yoga and what does it take to teach Yoga effectively to others. For years, the team from KAI YOGA have dedicated their lives to helping others transform theirs. It is Elisha and Fraser's highest intention to develop teacher's of the highest standard and empower them to do the same - to awaken to their personal power, to honour their own shadows and to share their unique story wholeheartedly.


This course is a registered 200 hour Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Training Program, delivered part time. 

In-person weekend sessions will be facilitated at both our SOUTH and MOSMAN studios. See dates below.

Still on a high from such an incredibly


This training will be a hybrid of IN-PERSON, LIVE STREAM and ON DEMAND recordings.


All scheduled weekend sessions (5.5 weekends in total) will be facilitated IN-PERSON with Elisha and Fraser. These sessions are compulsory to attend and are fundamental in your personal development as a yoga teacher. They will help you stay in close connection with your facilitators and fellow trainees plus these in-person sessions will provide a window of opportunity to dive deeper into the knowledge, review your studies, ask all your questions, real-time practice teach and receive feedback.


Your training includes a 2 night (Friday - Sunday) non-residential retreat located 90mins drive from Sydney CBD near Wisemans Ferry NSW. A chance to immerse yourself into a retreat is a highlight of the Teacher Training experience and a potent way to embody the learnings.


Between our scheduled in-person sessions, you will receive a selection of pre-recorded lectures from Fraser, Elisha and other Senior facilitators. You can play and replay these recordings whenever it suits you at your own pace.


We encourage you to get on your mat during this time as much as possible! For the duration of the training you will receive a complimentary, unlimited membership to our studios, both Mosman and South. From the day you sign up you can begin practicing with us in-person or virtually. During your training you will also receive classes made specifically for you. This will give you the opportunity to experiment with your new found knowledge and put it all into practice!


There will be short quizzes sprinkled in throughout the training to ensure you are digesting the knowledge. At our final in-person session we will ask you to each teach us a 20min sequence. After our final in-person session, you will have 3 months to submit an essay on yoga philosophy.



In addition to the life-changing insights that prosper from self-enquiry, creating authentic connections with lifelong friends and becoming an even more committed student, you will study the following topics in depth:

•  Asana - learn safe, intelligent ways to practice and teach, understanding the energetic effects of postures
•  Alignment - Tadasana blue print will be used as a powerful way to speak to all levels of experience in a room
•  Sequencing - how to design dynamic, effective and intelligent sequences for all levels
•  Teaching - how to communicate with essential language, non-verbal language, voice projection, energetics

•  Theming - how to artfully and intelligently weave your message and philosophical insights into a sequence 
•  Feedback - a powerful process to facilitate communication and develop as a teacher
•  Assisting - how to observe bodies, read alignment and adjust hands-on with energetic impact

•  Philosophy - study of Yoga history, key yogic texts, major schools of yogic thought

•  Pranayama - experience and learn to guide fundamental breathing techniques 

•  Meditation - experience and learn to guide fundamental meditation techniques

•  Sanskrit - translation of asana names, terms, mantras and chants
•  Anatomy - learn anatomy and function in relation to yogic postures

•  Voice - learn techniques for safe voice projection and speech, using the voice to add colour to your teaching

•  Introduction to Ayurveda
•  How to be successful as a Yoga teacher - personal practices to maintain inspiration, energy and wellbeing.

  • The Business of Yoga - navigating teachings to the online platform, building websites, social media presence, how be employable and gain work experience


Early Bird Price - $3199 (paid in full before March 14th 2022)

Full Price  -  $3499

Payment Plan  -  3 x monthly payments of $1200

100hrs In Person | 100hrs Online | 2 night Retreat | Yoga Alliance Certified | Part time over 3 months | Begins April 2022



"Elisha and Fraser provided a very caring and nurturing environment to take my yoga teaching journey to the next level. I felt the feedback was relevant and practical. Would recommend to anyone from the experienced yogi to beginner."



"An active participant and graduate of first Kai yoga teacher training, in 2018, is one of the best accomplishments of my self care PSTD healing journey. In a personal vow to keep moving forward, the timelines of this program, one of the best decisions I’ve personally made for all aspects of my mind, body, spirit of the soul - well being. A hugely transformational journey of sorts. I simply cannot speak highly enough, of Elisha and Fraser leading the program. Done so with articulate and indughtful thought, care, hands in support, knowledge transfer and professionalism. That is. Simply, best in class. The course content, rich in the ancient yogic traditions, lineage and ancestory. Learning through the great old Sages of yoga through ancient Indian philosophy, poetic Sanskrit language to honour those traditions and whose teachings apply most invaluably in today’s worldly times. A practice, of sass a (physical body) and breath (prana) in movement, emphasised by importance of understand the anatomy for safety and alignment. A purity of a flow that heals, all aspects of the mind, and one that connects and brings together community under a common thread of kindness, love and connection, good for the self and towards one another. Yoga truly is ‘a journey to the self, of the self through the self. Bhavad Gita. This incredible transformation and transitioning milestone, has further validated my own commitment to selflessly drive attention, awareness of how Yoga and aligned psychology has helped me, through deep trauma and survivorship - in order that I will help and serve others in my community near and afar. Thank you, for this opportunity."



"The level of quality in the teacher training surpassed my expectations. I thought it would be a memorable experience with Fraser and Elisha but that was further enhanced by a support team of independent facilitators. It was a very personal well rounded training which gave me a greater understanding and insight into all aspects of becoming a better yoga teacher."


"I really think that the passing of time has allowed me to appreciate just what a transformative experience the training was for me…the training really was a seminal event in my life – it fundamentally changed the way I see myself and my place in the world. 

 To say that the training deepened my practice would be an understatement! Before the training I practised no more than once a week, and while I had a yearning for the holistic, spiritual side of yoga, my asana practice was very much a form of physical exercise. Since completing the course I’ve had a studio membership and practise every day in some shape or form – whether it be meditation, pranayama, yin or vinyasa – and I try to live by yogi values on and off the mat. My practise is now very much a spiritual practice – it’s the time that I come home to re-dedicate myself to my values and goals and to gain perspective on whatever else is going on in my life." ELLA