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U P C O M I N G  W O R K S H O P S

U P C O M I N G  T R A I N I N G S

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Yin Yoga with Live Music



The word KAI has many powerful meanings from around the world that resonate so much with our philosophy here in Mosman.

 In Native American it means Willow Tree. In Hawaiian it means Ocean.  In Chinese it means to be Open. In Burmese it means to be Unbreakable and Strong.  In Mãori it means Food.  In Scottish it means Fire.  In Persian it means Universe.  In Swahili it means Loveable.


Such potent descriptions of all that we want to cultivate and nurture at KAI YOGA.



On a daily basis we plug into our emails, but how often do we plug into ourselves?


KAI YOGA is a boutique yoga studio that blends mindful movement with breath to help us reconnect to what matters.  

A space where you can be all that it is to be you.  All levels, ages, shapes and sizes are welcome at KAI YOGA... and celebrated!  Community is important to us. Through community we support each other on the journey to living our full potential - as Nelson Mandela says "As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same."

We're dedicated to creating a conscious practise on and off the mat. Through mindful movement we can create conscious living.​

P E A C E F U L  M I N D 

P O W E R F U L  B O D Y




A great option to give you the time to get to know us! For those new to yoga or new to our community, enjoy 3 whole weeks to taste all that KAI YOGA offers and squeeze in as many classes as you can! This is valid for first time students only.


Concession $20

Child $10 (under 12)

Enjoy any of our standard classes scheduled on our timetable. This pass is valid for A single class.


$105 concession

Perfect for those not quite ready to commit but still wish to practice regularly and not miss out on a great deal!


This pass has a 5 week expiry date


$190 concession

A sweet option if you plan to practice once a week. This pass is your go to if you're not quite ready to take that leap of faith into the land of memberships, but can still enjoy a reduced rate on class prices.


This pass has a 10 week expiry date


$190 concession

Squeeze in as much yoga as you can within one month! This is awesome value if you practice 3 times or more a week.

This pass has a 1 month expiry date


$690 concession

The best option if you are practicing twice a week or more. For the committed yogi who wants to enjoy the goodness of yoga regularly, and commit to 'me time' daily. All KAI YOGA MEMBERSHIPS entitles you to 10% off all non-consumable products and workshops.


$1300 concession

The best option if you are practicing twice a week or more. For the committed yogi who wants to enjoy the goodness of yoga regularly, and commit to 'me time' daily. All KAI YOGA MEMBERSHIPS entitles you to 10% off all non-consumable products and workshops.


$35pw concession

The best option if you are practicing twice a week or more. For the committed yogi who wants to enjoy the goodness of yoga regularly, and commit to 'me time' daily. All KAI YOGA MEMBERSHIPS entitles you to 10% off all non-consumable products and workshops.

Direct Debit is charged fortnightly


Private lessons are an opportune way to refine your personal practice. Whether you are needing rehabilitation guidance, looking after an injury or simply like that personal attention, we would be happy to teach you privately and personalise the practice for your individual needs.

Please review the terms and conditions below. We know it's a lot of information at once! Feel free to give us a buzz at the studio if you have any questions, we're always up for a chat  P: (02) 8021 1327.




1. Our live online booking system allows you the convenience to plan your schedule in advance and reserve a mat space for any class you would like! However, due to the nature of a boutique studio, mat space is limited. At KAI YOGA we do have a firm 2-hour cancellation policy for all classes. This is a courtesy policy to ensure everyone has a chance to practice! We understand that on occasion unexpected circumstances arise. We ask that you do your best to sign your self out of the class to be fair and courteous to all of your fellow yogi's. Late cancellations for all direct-debit, monthly, annual and Intro pass members will incur an additional $5 fee for the missed class. All other students will incur a lost session.

2. Our Special Introductory Pass is a one-time only offer for new students and can not be extended.

3. All of our passes are non-transferable and non-refundable. Please make sure you check the expiration date when purchasing your pass.

4. 5 week, 10 week and 1 month passes can not be extended, unless you are injured and a doctors certificate can be provided.

5. For our 6 and 12 month memberships we require a one-week written notice. The minimum period for suspension is one week. The maximum period is 2 weeks for 6 month memberships and 4 weeks for 12 month memberships.

6. Direct Debit Memberships involve fortnightly deductions from a nominated credit card or bank account. There is a 3 month minimum sign up period. For suspensions and terminations, we require a two-week written notice prior to your next billing date. Suspensions are possible in two week blocks to stay in sync with your fortnightly debits and maximum period of suspension is one month per year.

7. We wish for you to get the most out of your KAI YOGA experience as possible and we know your time is precious, this means we start all of our classes on time. Out of respect for your fellow students and teacher, please arrive at least 5 minutes before your class begins - this will allow you to ease yourself onto your yoga mat and enjoy some deep breaths before you begin :)

We do lock our gate at the base of the stairs for security. If you find the gate locked on your arrival, it means there is a yoga class in progress.

By booking into a class you automatically agree to the above Terms & Conditions.




Flow & Glow

Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic class where mindful movement and rhythmic breathing come together to create a flowing, glowing and energising yoga practise.  The blend between strength and flexibility is perfectly balanced so that your body, mind & spirit find harmony.  


Temperature set to a warm heat to give you a glow, promoting the warmth of your muscles and the detoxification process. 


It is energising, powerful and peaceful all blended into the one class.


Be still & feel


Yin Yoga classes offer us a chance to balance the Yang nature of our lifestyles.  This is a practise that is slower, grounding and meditative in it's nature.  Postures are held for longer periods of time to connect to deeper, more subtle layers of the body.  With the support of bolsters, blankets and blocks, deep inner tensions that live in the connective tissue can be released.  This also taps us into the Meridian System of the body, drawing upon Traditional Chinese Medicine, Zen and Buddhist philosophies.

Yin Yoga is practised at room temperature.  All levels can benefit from this style of Yoga as it serves to be a wonderful balance to any Yang practise.


Nourish & Flourish

Vinyasa Gentle classes are all about nourishment and gentle movement. Movement is low impact and safe, with a primary goal of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and wellbeing. These classes will involve breath work (Pranayama), core stabilisation techniques and a therapeutic approach in moving the body and calming the mind.

Vinyasa Gentle is practiced at room temperature. Perfect for pre and post-natal yogini's, beginner's and senior's.


Refine & Align

Our Vinyasa Slow classes maintain an element of flow but the tempo is slowed down so that movement can be refined and aligned.  It is a practise designed to build strength and stamina for both the body and the mind.  Through progressive sequencing that builds on a key alignment focus, or gradually builds towards a peak pose, those who are new to yoga will be educated on alignment, whilst at the same time, more experienced practitioners will appreciate the refinement and detail at a slower pace.

A gentle heat will take the chill out of your bones, warm your muscles and stimulate the detoxification process. 


A slow and steady pace will put a smile on your face :)


Foundations to flight

Vinyasa Base is a gentle introduction to Yoga that will set you off in the right direction!  You are only ever a beginner at something once, so at KAI YOGA we honour those first steps into a practise that can be life long.  Beginning from the base, you will be gently taken through the foundations of the practise - posture, breathing, meditation.  Preparing you in a way that you feel confident to explore other classes.  


Vinyasa Base classes are gently warmed to help warm up your body, cleanse and also prepare you for the heat of the open level classes.


You will feel the powerful effects of Yoga after your first class!  A stronger, more flexible body and a resiliance in the mind.


Sink the body & Soothe the soul

A unique approach to Yoga Nidra. Combining the soothing quality of Yin Yoga with the mellow hum of awareness and the vibrancy of your own imagination. In a relaxed space unwind from chronic exhaustion and over stimulation. Yoga Nidra is a comprehensive method for enhancing health and well being. On a deeper level, it is a special kind of spiritual practice and one of the most powerful and accessible ways to positively reshape the unconscious.

Come and settle in for a story time experience that will lull your body and mind into a state of deep relaxation. A sleepy style of yoga that will deeply sooth the central nervous system, the foundation of our wellbeing and induce a deep meditative state of consciousness.

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